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The scientific method ensures that the knowledge used to build our future society is objective, robust and reproducible. This method started about 500 years ago when enough thinkers had the courage to admit there are things about themselves and the world that they did not know or understand.

Frontiers logo

The Frontiers Research Foundation launched Frontiers, a Swiss-based international Open Science and Open Access science publisher, in 2007.

Open Science is the process of making scientific results, methods and data publicly available. Open Access is the process of making peer-reviewed and published scientific articles freely available to anyone.

Open Science and Open Access are not ideologies. They rest on scientific fact. The fundamental nature of the scientific process is one in which science builds on science – a network phenomenon. Open Science and Open Access are based on a mathematical finding that increasing the transfer of information between nodes in a network accelerates the network’s evolution. In lay terms: ‘A network is only as good as its weakest link.’ Hiding scientific results from others slows down the scientific process. At the same time, it is an accepted sociological fact that collaboration fuels innovation. It is therefore also accepted that Open Science and Open Access offer the greater return on investment.

Frontiers for Young minds logo

The Frontiers Research Foundation launched Frontiers for Young Minds in 2013.

Our children will inherit the world and they will need to be prepared for great challenges ahead. It is not possible for schools to help children follow the latest science that is shaping their future. Frontiers for Young Minds is a freely accessible journal edited by kids for kids. In Young Minds, kids are empowered as reviewers in the peer-review process, where they can challenge world-leading scientists to explain their science in a way that kids understand. It brings the younger generation and classrooms into the scientific peer-review process, giving them the opportunity to challenge the best scientists to make sense of today’s science. Our donors have generously helped the Foundation support translations of the articles into different languages.

Frontiers planet prizes logo

In 2022, the Frontiers Research Foundation is launching its third initiative, called the Frontiers Prize, to accelerate scientific solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet. The Frontiers Prize program is designed as an international science competition. We are beginning with the Frontiers Planet Prize to accelerate sustainability science. Each Frontiers Prize is CHF 1 million.

The Frontiers Planet Prize in Sustainability Science will be awarded for scientific breakthroughs that can have a global impact and keep humanity within any one of the nine planetary boundaries described by the Stockholm Resilience Centre.