The most powerful way to accelerate science is to join forces

Collaboration is a free fuel for innovation, and worldwide donors are joining forces to maximize their impact.

How we use donor funds

Our donors join forces with the Frontiers Foundation to accelerate science. All donor funds are wholly dedicated to our programs.

The Foundation currently runs two programs: Frontiers for Young Minds, to prepare the world’s children for the future; and the Frontiers Planet Prize, to accelerate scientific solutions for a healthy planet, a global competition within sustainability science.

Young Minds articles are written in English, with donations to the Foundation supporting their translation into different languages to make the science more accessible to children in every country.

We are grateful to those who have so far funded the translation of articles into Hebrew and Arabic. As a national language sponsor, you can help prepare millions of children in your region for the future.

The Frontiers Planet Prize is a set of international prizes aimed at finding – and then financially supporting – scientific solutions that show the greatest potential to help keep humanity within our planetary boundaries.

To date, we have financial support for three CHF 1 million prizes, and are seeking donor support to expand the prize program to cover all aspects of sustainability science, as well as health.

Operations and governance

Frontiers and other companies donate all operating funds in-kind. Our operations and governance functions are run entirely by staff from Frontiers and other organizations who volunteer their time free of charge

As a Swiss not-for-profit foundation, the strictest laws of governance and compliance apply to the Foundation. Each donor receives an externally audited biannual report on the use of their funds. All donations are tax deductible.

Donor contacts

If you or your organization would like to join forces with the Foundation on:

Frontiers for Young Minds, please contact Fred Fenter, Director of Frontiers for Young Minds.
The Frontiers Planet Prize, please contact Jean-Claude Burgelman, Director of the Frontiers Planet Prize.
Other areas, please contact Henry Markram, President of the Frontiers Foundation.

Jacobs Foundation
King Abdullah University of Science and technology
Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation
The Sagol Network