The Frontiers Research Foundation was created in 2006 to accelerate science.

The Frontiers Research Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Switzerland, which was created by Kamila and Henry Markram, neuroscientists from the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology (EPFL). It raises funds to support programs that accelerate scientific solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet.

Scientists examining machinary in laboratory

Supporting the best scientific thinking

The Foundation’s policy is to support some of the most powerful ideas from the world’s greatest thinkers.

Sustainability science leaders, such as Johan Rockström, are mapping our planetary boundaries so we can see more clearly the tipping points that spell existential danger. Business leaders, such as Bill Gates, are revealing what it will take and cost to change society and get us onto a green track.

Through these ideas and more, we are identifying ways to quantify and prioritize the scientific, engineering, business and policy innovations needed to effect global change.

The importance of open access

We believe that providing open access to the latest scientific thought and developments is vital in accelerating wider scientific progress. This is what has driven us to develop one of the world’s most high-tech open science platforms, Frontiers Media SA .

Science is the foundation of the modern world, with a small development in one part of the world catalyzing scientific discovery in another.

Open science and open access are not ideologies. They rest on scientific fact and a mathematical finding that increasing the transfer of information between nodes in a network accelerates its evolution and fuels innovation. Conversely, obscuring scientific results and failing to collaborate slows the scientific process.

Open science and open access offer the greatest return on investment. Even the richest universities in the wealthiest countries cannot afford to access all of the science produced worldwide. As a result, most countries remain blind to many scientific discoveries, and scientists often have to wait years before published science becomes publicly available.

Open Science is the single most effective, powerful, simplest and cheapest change that society can make to accelerate scientific solutions for climate change and healthy lives.
— Kamila Markram, CEO, Frontiers